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Reservation Terms & Condition

Reservation Terms & Condition

Reservation Terms & Condition

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Reservation Terms & Conditions
Reservation, Payment, and Cancellation Policy
The Price shall be payable in the invoiced currency (we cannot accept payment for a single booking in multiple currencies).

A non-refundable deposit of $500 (USD) per person must be remitted in order to process your reservation. The deposit payment applies to land packages only; air travel will be purchased separately.

The full price of the tour shall be paid within 3 days of receipt of the Invoice. When the booking is made more than 60 days in advance of the Departure Date, a non- refundable Deposit of $500 (USD) per person shall be paid upon booking, and the remaining balance must be paid in full no later than 60 days prior to the Departure Date. Regarding the selected tours listed below, final payment must be made no later than 100 days prior to the Departure Date. If booking occurs later than 60 days (100 days for selected tours) before the Departure Date, the full tour price shall be paid within 7 days of receipt of the Confirmation Invoice.

Selected tours: The Best of Myanmar and Inside Myanmar

Time for payment shall be of the essence. No payment shall be considered received by All Asia Tours until we have received cleared funds.

Once we have issued your Invoice, and subject to us having received the deposit payment or payment of the full price, there will be no changes made to the price of your vacation. It is your responsibility to check that the details of the Invoice are accurate. Any additional requests not included on the Invoice do not form part of the Contract.

Cancellation Policy
The following is the All Asia Tours' group tour cancellation policy*:
*This cancellation policy will not be applied to custom- made trips. Exceptions to the cancellation policy apply for custom trips, and you will be notified of these at the time of booking.

You may cancel the Reservation in writing at any time. If you cancel the Reservation or fail to pay the price in accordance with the payment terms above, All Asia Tours reserves the right to charge cancellation fees per person as follows:

Group Tours (except the selected tours listed below):
61 days or more before Departure Date: $500.00
60 days to 46 days before Departure Date: 50% of the tour price
45 days to 31 days before Departure Date: 75% of the tour price
30 days or fewer before Departure Date: 100% of the tour price

The Best of Myanmar and Inside Myanmar:
101 days or more before Departure Date: $500.00
100 days to 81 days before Departure Date: 50% of the tour price
80 days to 61 days before Departure Date: 75% of the tour price
60 days or fewer before Departure Date: 100% of the tour price

Partial Room Cancellation
When one guest cancels a tour and a roommate remains, a single supplement will be applied to the price for the remaining guest.

Cancellation of Extra Services
Additional services such as pre/post-hotel nights and extra services connected with All Asia Tours itineraries are subject to a cancellation penalty. Customers will be notified of the details of the policy at the time the travel arrangements are made.

Issued Flight Ticket Cancellation
Note that additional cancellation fees may apply for airfare. If you purchase international or domestic flights with All Asia Tours, please be aware that the tickets are usually issued immediately by us upon receiving your payment. If you cancel the Reservation after the date that the tickets are issued, in most cases, the airline will impose cancellation charges which usually constitute the full cost of the airfare. All Asia Tours will advise you of these charges before cancellation. These cancellation charges will be passed on in full and are in addition to any other cancellation charges (as specified above).

Custom Tour Cancellation
If you wish to cancel your travel arrangements, all cancellations must be received in writing. The cancellation fees vary, depending on the custom tour. All Asia Tours will notify you of the cancellation policy when you request to make a custom tour reservation.

Cancellation Date
The cancellation date will be the date on which All Asia Tours receives the written notice of cancellation. The cancellation goes into effect on the date that the email, fax, or letter is received.

Please click here to view our full Terms and Conditions.


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