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Travel and Tour in Myanmar - An Unforgettable Adventure

Article | May 3rd, 2019 | Lukas Jay


You might wonder to yourself whether Myanmar (Burma) is worth visiting. Though not as often visited by tourists as some of its neighbors, this Southeast Asian nation is well worth a trip and holds many paths to adventure within its borders. If you want to get the most out of your Myanmar adventure, then the best time to visit Myanmar would be from November to February, as the temperatures can get incredibly hot during spring and early summer. But whenever you go, you’ll find a mysterious land full of colorful cities with ancient architecture, hiking trails near engrossing countryside, and friendly people.


A Myanmar city tour is an excellent place to start when it comes to travel and tour in Myanmar. The cities in Myanmar are decorated with history and invite visitors to wander down the streets, engrossing themselves in the culture and life of the city.

The premier city in Myanmar is Yangon, the former capital, and the most modern of the nation. Growing rapidly, Yangon has become a shopping hotspot, filled with lively, colorful markets, giving travelers plenty of opportunity to find the perfect souvenir to immortalize your trip to the country of Myanmar.

Despite recent growth, Yangon maintains its spiritual heritage in such magnificent religious monuments as the Shwedagon Pagoda, a towering stupa coated entirely in shimmering gold, dating back to the sixth century and believed to house relics of the Buddha. But it isn’t the only city to visit for those interested in Myanmar’s spiritual heritage.

Another place to visit during a Buddhist-themed trip include the city of Bagan, which is host to over two thousand temples and pagodas, including the Ananda Temple, famous for its four magnificent Buddha sculptures. The stunning Popa Taung Kalat Temple (Mt. Popa), perched atop a steep hillside overlooking panoramic view of the surrounding plains. Be wary climbing to the top of the mountain, as the path is crawling with hundreds of mischievous monkeys!

Numerous temples dot many cities throughout Mynamar, promising not only spiritual reflection, but stunning architecture unique to the region. While Yangon and Bagan are the most popular, the majestic architecture of religious sites in Mandalay, Bago, and Inwa (Ava) will leave a lasting impression impossible to truly replicate anywhere else in the world.

For anyone wishing to escape the heat while taking a step inside the history of old Burma, both Yangon and Bagan have museums with fascinating art and sculpture displays that will whisk you away to the time of the Pagan Empire. Similar museums in Nyaung Shwe, Kyauktaw, and Thanbtuzayat also offer exhibits for the journeying scholar to unearth and enjoy. Thanbyuzayat, in particular, has a World War memorial, which lends the area an atmosphere of somber reflection.


While the landscape might be rugged and intimidating, don't let it turn you away from going on one of Myanmar’s bicycle tours during your stay. Myanmar's cities are ancient, but without the dusty, stuffy feeling that usually comes with age. The fresh air is excellent motivation to explore both the city and the countryside on a bicycle. Hiking through areas such as Kalaw will provide you with lakes and caves to admire. The main cave system in Pindaya, the Pindaya Caves, has over a thousand Buddha statues, drawing explorers and pilgrims to meditate there for centuries.

Many impressive caves score the landscape of Myanmar. Kalaw is only one of many spots that offer excitement to subterranean wanderers. Loikaw, Heho, and Monywa are easy additions to pass through if you're the sort of person that enjoys the natural architecture of caves and caverns. Some of the caves, like Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, are also religious sites, so be respectful during your day of discovery.

Myanmar is an easy country to just wander in, because you never know what you'll find when you set off with even the most generic of goals for your vacation. Wandering on roads further south will eventually take you to Inle Lake, decorated with its fantastic stilted village that floats atop the tranquil water. Rural landscapes, colorful markets, and reclaimed ruins make Inle Lake a delightful and unforgettable stop on your Myanmar adventure. Be sure not to miss seeing the Intha leg rowing fishermen, who row their shallow boats onto the lake, one leg tied to the oar.

This focus on natural beauty that Myanmar presents to the world makes the country a fantastic hot spot for hiking trails. After hiking around Kalaw’s cave trails – Hsipaw’s fertile hills, the forested paths of Kengtung, and the mountainous passes of Putao offer their own unique and breathtaking scenes.


If you’re planning a Myanmar luxury tour far, far away from hectic urban life, where all your stress merely floats away, then a cruise traveling up and down the Irrawaddy River might be what you're looking for. These are the days to relax on the deck of a deluxe riverboat as the setting sun kisses the Irrawaddy’s edge, while Mandalay Hill, surrounded by shimmering golden pagodas, drifts by in an enthralling Burmese dream.

However, if you're looking for a more laid-back luxury stop then the place for you is the palm lined, upscale beach resort area of Ngapali, nestled along the Bay of Bengal coast. Though increasingly dotted with swanky hotels, 25 km of coastline still means plenty of white-sand beach and clear waters. While the mainland is packed with a variety of adventures to explore and stunning beaches to relax on, the Myeik (or Mergui) Archipelago on the southern part of Myanmar is another fabulous stop on your itinerary. Home to hundreds of islands, the archipelago is known for beaches, coral reefs, and the wildlife-rich Lampi Island, with hundreds of different animal and marine species.

The top of the water isn't the only popular destination when it comes to Myanmar's waterways. Take a peek at what goes down below the water’s surface with the snorkeling options available at Ngwesaung, Kawthaung, and Myeik. MacLeod Island (in the Myeik Archipelago) is a scuba diving hot spot in Myanmar, taking visitors on a truly breathless journey through rarely seen seascapes.

When you choose to travel and tour through Myanmar, you'll discover this country as a place where you'll be drawn time and time again. So much history, culture, and opportunity for adventure are held within the borders of Myanmar that it’s impossible to fit it all into a single trip.

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