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Myanmar (Burma) Tours & Vacations

Myanmar (Burma) Tours & Vacations

Myanmar (Burma) Tours & Vacations

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Myanmar Tours & Vacations

At All Asia Tours, our Myanmar tour packages include a diverse array of experiences and sights. In recent years, Myanmar (once known as Burma) relaxed its decades-long isolation from the outside world. Today, this beautiful country is on a path to greater political freedom and economic prosperity, making it more accessible to international travel. Unsurprisingly, our Myanmar vacations have become increasingly popular with tourists who are looking to discover exciting destinations. All Asia Tours takes you to Myanmar’s most dazzling cities and popular attractions, showing you the very best of Myanmar’s golden temples, cultural heritage, and natural wonders. 

Myanmar's pace of modernization has been moderate, allowing the country to hold onto many of its traditional values. While much of Myanmar remains rural, this part of Indochina boasts thriving cities and regions with dense populations. Myanmar is also deeply religious and home to a dazzling variety of golden pagodas and striking Buddha statues. Here, you can find some of the most beautiful and authentic scenery in all of Southeast Asia. 

If you seek the excitement of urban hustle and bustle, explore vibrant Yangon -- a city alive colorful markets, delicious local cuisine and tea, and plenty of pagodas. If you’re interested in Buddhism and Burmese spirituality, Bagan is the perfect destination. This city is home to thousands of temples and ruins that stretch across Myanmar’s vast plains -- a truly captivating site. Looking for a little adventure? Hop into a hot air balloon and soar over the landscape to see Bagan’s sacred pagodas from above. You may also wish to venture to Mandalay where you can experience more breathtaking panoramas at Mandalay Hill, or tour some of the city’s most striking pagodas and monasteries, often adorned in shimmering gold or rich teak. 

For supreme relaxation, set sail across some of Myanmar’s most iconic sites. Cruise the legendary Irrawaddy River and observe pagodas dotted throughout the scenery, experience everyday life along the riverbanks, and be captivated by a beautiful sunset. You can also soak in the tranquil natural beauty of Inle Lake -- the perfect place to take a relaxing boat ride, glimpse charming lakeside villages, or watch the masterful Intha rowers. Looking to immerse yourself fully in Burmese waters? Ngapali Beach is home to 15 miles (24 km) of pristine coast that is perfect for beach vacation seekers. Ngapali’s natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere also create a tropical paradise that washes away your cares with each gentle wave. 

No matter what you choose, All Asia Tours is pleased to offer deluxe tours and private journeys that whisk you away to enchanting Myanmar. Speak with one of our representatives and begin planning your dream Myanmar vacation today. 

Contact Our Travel Experts about Your Perfect Myanmar Trip
Contact Our Travel Experts about Your Perfect Myanmar Trip
Find Your Perfect Myanmar Tour
Find Your Perfect Myanmar Tour
Popular Myanmar Group Tours
Deluxe Group Tours
Essential Myanmar
Yangon - Mandalay - Irrawaddy River - Amarapura - Inwa (Ava) - Sagaing - Bagan - Pindaya - Inle Lake
Myanmar, known as ‘The Land of the Golden Pagodas’, has recently opened its doors to international travel. If you seek an introduction to this fascinat ......
Myanmar (Burma)
10 Days, 9 Nights
From $2,390.00
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Compare Status
Deluxe Group Tours
Highlights of Myanmar: Explore Wonders of the Golden Land
Yangon - Mandalay - Irrawaddy River - Amarapura - Inwa (Ava) - Sagaing - Bagan - Inle Lake - Pindaya - Bago - Mount Kyaiktiyo
Get to know Myanmar’s many facets with AAT’s Highlights of Myanmar.  This tour offers an array of the country’s most exciting high ......
Myanmar (Burma)
12 Days, 11 Nights
From $2,790.00
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Compare Status
Ultra Deluxe Small Group Tours
Ultimate Myanmar, Northern Thailand, & Laos: The Hidden Charms of Rural Life & Culture
Yangon - Bagan - Pindaya - Irrawaddy River - Inle Lake - Mandalay - Amarapura - Inwa (Ava) - Sagaing - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - The Golden Triangle - Luang Prabang
If you can’t choose which beautiful Southeast Asian country to visit, Ultimate Myanmar, Northern Thailand, & Laos takes you to some of the region’s most ......
Myanmar (Burma) - Thailand - Laos
15 Days, 14 Nights
From $7,290.00
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Compare Status
Popular Myanmar Private Journeys for 2024 & 2025
Private Journeys
8 Days in Myanmar: From Golden Pagodas to Inle Lake
Yangon - Bagan - Mount Popa - Mandalay - Amarapura - Inwa (Ava) - Sagaing - Pindaya - Inle Lake
Myanmar is a tapestry of beautiful landscapes, diverse traditions, and some of the most striking Buddhist pagodas found in the world. Embark on an unforgett ......
Myanmar (Burma)
8 Days, 7 Nights
From $2,500.00
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Compare Status
Tour Photo
Private Journeys
Southeast Asia Grand Expedition: Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Overland
Yangon - Bago - Mount Kyaiktiyo - Sukhothai - Lopburi - Phitsanulok - Bangkok - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City
Your Southeast Asia Grand Expedition begins in Myanmar, where you’ll visit some of the world’s most incredible Buddhist pagodas. Imme ......
Myanmar (Burma) - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam
19 Days, 18 Nights
From $4,800.00
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Compare Status
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Themed Travel in Myanmar
At AAT, we believe that a great vacation starts with an exchange of ideas. We want to know about your passions and what you find most fascinating about Myanmar. From there, we provide information on the country’s highlights, as well as recommend activities and destinations that are based on your own, unique interests. Whether you’re fascinated by arts and culture, history, world-class cuisine, sports and leisure, spirituality, or natural wonders, we offer tours for everyone.
Myanmar Family Vacations
Myanmar's History
Cycling in Myanmar
Myanmar Honeymoons
Myanmar's World Heritage
Myanmar Custom Travel
All AAT travel itineraries are designed by travel professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of Myanmar’s highlights and sacred sites. We craft our tours to bring you to Myanmar’s most captivating attractions, including experiences and destinations that cater to specific interests -- whether leisure or business. Also, All Asia Tours always gives you the option to select your superior accommodations standards in advance. We will coordinate all of your travel arrangements so you can rest, relax, and enjoy Myanmar’s incredible beauty.
Myanmar Custom Tours
Myanmar Custom Tours
Myanmar Group Custom Tours
Myanmar Group Custom Tours
Myanmar Luxury Travel
Myanmar Luxury Travel
Myanmar Special Interest Group Travel
Myanmar Special Interest Group Travel
Myanmar Student Group Tours
Myanmar Student Group Tours
MICE Myanmar
MICE Myanmar
Myanmar Culture
Burmese culture combines many influences from the indigenous Mon people, neighboring countries, British colonial rule, and Buddhism. Buddhism’s impact on everyday Burmese life is easy to see; no matter where you go, you’re likely to stumble across a brilliant golden pagoda or monks wrapped in burgundy-colored robes. Continue searching, and you’ll uncover Myanmar’s rich arts and cultural heritage such as traditional marionettes, music and dance, elaborate garments, and masterful handicrafts.

Myanmar today is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and 21st-century modernization. The former capital of Yangon (Rangoon) remains the country’s largest city, commercial hub, and home to striking high rise buildings and modern amenities. As you pass sleek, state-of-the-art buildings, you may also come across thousand-year-old ruins teeming with history.
Burma Travel FAQ
A: Travel in Myanmar is safe for tourists, though you should always exercise reasonable precautions regarding your money and valuables. Though the unpredictable is possible in any trip, Myanmar’s current internal difficulties aren’t likely to be a risk on your travel path as All Asia Tours itineraries only visit safe, unrestricted regions. The country is becoming one of the hottest emerging countries for tourism, and we recommend planning a trip there before a big tourism boom. In addition, we feel that the interaction within local villages available through our tours can be important and it is backdoor diplomacy. For your protection, please make sure to purchase travel insurance to cover theft, loss, and medical problems.
A: When you enter Myanmar as a citizen of the United States, you will need a passport that is valid at least for 6 months after your travel return date. You will also be required to have a tourist visa prior to your departure. There are two ways to obtain a Myanmar visa: there is the visa issued by the Myanmar Embassy/Consulates or an electronically issued e-Visa. We strongly recommend you apply for a visa through a visa processing service such as CIBT to avoid possible complications. If you’re not a US passport holder, please contact the Myanmar Embassy or Consulate in your country. For the US passport holder, please refer to our partner CIBT’s website for top-quality Myanmar visa service: Click Here for More Information You can also contact by email at or call 800-929-2428 and identify yourself as a All Asia Tours participant for easy and efficient visa processing.
A: Myanmar has a tropical climate, though there are slight regional variations. The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to March when weather is cool and dry. The high-altitude areas such as Kalaw or Pindaya and can be very cold in December and January. March to May is the country’s hottest season. The temperature often reaches over 100 °F (over 40 °C), so be sure to prepare for the heat! The rainy season starts mid-May and hits at its peak from July to September, however the wet season is mild and rarely affects your touring, unless you travel to Kalaw or Ngapali Beach, where most resorts close during the monsoon season.

Asia Tour Packages

Want to travel to Asia, but you’re unsure of how or where? Not to worry -- our Asia travel packages are expertly designed, so you won’t miss any of the main highlights at your chosen destination. Take a look at our tour offerings to below to learn more.
Travel Reviews
   5 Stars

Ms. Giovanna Corti

"Fantastic experience, very well organized in every detail. Vietman is not rich of historical sites, but a country that entertain the visitor with all aspects of their culture. More than a tour it has been a holiday. I enjoyed a lot entertainment as painting mask and cooking lessons."

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