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Laos' Festivals
If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Laos’ local life, you won’t want to miss one of the country’s unforgettable celebrations. Laos’ festivals are steeped in tradition and are great ways to experience the rich culture firsthand. The country enjoys quite a few public holidays that range from sacred Buddhist ceremonies to colorful harvest celebrations. Speak with an All Asia Tours travel professional today, and we’ll make sure that your Laos’ festival travel package overflows with stunning sites, enjoyable experiences, and a joyous atmosphere.

In Laos, Pi Mai Lao (New Year’s) is the biggest holiday of the year. Celebrations last for three days in mid-April, and locals clean their houses and villages in preparation for the coming year. Pi Mai Lao is also known as the ‘Water Festival’ since people pour water buckets of water over each other -- all in good fun. International travelers will also get soaked, so be prepared!

Boun Bang Fai, also known as Laos’ ‘Rocket Festival,’ happens during the 6th month of the lunar calendar (typically in May). As the name suggests, this celebration involves shooting off plenty of bamboo rockets straight into the sky! Prizes are awarded for the rockets that fly the highest, as well as those with the most appealing designs. Enjoy the show, as well as delicious food and drink, in this highly competitive and heart- pounding atmosphere.
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Travel Reviews
   5 Stars

Ms. Giovanna Corti

"Fantastic experience, very well organized in every detail. Vietman is not rich of historical sites, but a country that entertain the visitor with all aspects of their culture. More than a tour it has been a holiday. I enjoyed a lot entertainment as painting mask and cooking lessons."

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