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Best Times to Visit Thailand

Best Times to Visit Thailand

Best Times to Visit Thailand

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Best Times to Visit Thailand

No matter the time of year, Thailand is always an excellent travel destination. Much of Thailand has a tropical climate, however, slight regional variations exist. The north tends to have three distinct seasons, while the south has two. Even so, Thailand’s weather is never uncomfortably cold, even in the north. The south’s east and west coasts also have their own distinct climates. Wintertime tends to be the best for visiting west coast destinations like Phuket. On the east coast, home to popular places like Ko Samui, you can enjoy favorable weather almost all year long. Typically, the most popular times to visit Thailand are from November to March, when Southeast Asia as a whole tends to have drier weather. Many regions of Thailand experience significant rains from July through mid-October. Although these showers aren’t constant, they can last for a few hours. Humidity levels also tend to be high, and average temperatures often hover around 86 °F (30 °C). Check out the Thailand month-by-month guide to help you decide on the best time for your Thailand trip.

Thailand Travel Month-by-Month Guide

Throughout the year, Thailand as a whole experiences different seasons and types of weather. Typically, festivals and holiday celebrations come and go as the seasons change, therefore it is best to plan ahead so you can get the most out of your Thailand vacation. Please refer to our weather guide below:
Visiting Thailand in January
If you decide to travel to Thailand in January, you'll enjoy the climate no matter where you go. The favorable temperatures and dry weather make this month one of the busiest times for tourists. In northern regions such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, it will be relatively cool (upper 60s °F, 20 °C) and dry, making travel perfectly comfortable. Nights can become fairly chilly, so make sure to bring layers of clothing. In central Thailand (including Bangkok and southern coastal regions), the weather will also be dry with average temperatures in the upper 80s °F (30 °C). Cooling breezes flow through Thailand's southern resorts, and the waters are ideal for beach activities. January through mid-April is the best time to enjoy the white sand beaches at Ko Samui and in the eastern gulf region.

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Weather in Thailand in January
Average Rainfall
10 mm
28 ℃
Thailand Climate Guide
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