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Vietnam Trip & Vacation Ideas

Vietnam Trip & Vacation Ideas

Vietnam Trip & Vacation Ideas

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Architectural Heritage Tours
Architectural Heritage Tours
Vietnam offers rich layers of architectural styles and histories, with intriguing fusions of traditional Vietnamese, Chinese, and European elements. In this beautiful country, you can see everything from centuries-old temple ruins and colonial architecture to city buildings that boast sleek, modern designs.

You’ll find a host of architectural gems in Hanoi -- Vietnam’s picturesque capital city. Two major highlights include the Temple of Literature and the One Pillar Pagoda. As you enter the Temple of Literature -- Vietnam’s first national university -- you’ll feel transported into an entirely new world. You’ll see Chinese-style curved roofs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but create shade in the summer and let in plenty of light in the winter. When you tour the One Pillar Pagoda, you’ll be charmed by its unique architecture. This wooden structure is designed to look like a lotus blossom rising from a small pond, and the surrounding gardens are also quite beautiful.

On the north bank of the Perfume River, you’ll find the UNESCO-recognized complex of Hue Monuments, nestled in the historic town of Hue. This site brims with lovely moats, walls, and pavilions set on lush and lovely grounds. You’ll be awestruck by the expansive entrance gates, imposing temples, and impressive imperial tombs that hark to the glory days of this feudal capital. At close range, you’ll discover that many structures feature intricate surface decoration, bright yellow Chinese roof tiles, and glossy porcelain mosaics.

UNESCO-recognized Hoi An Ancient Town blends Vietnamese culture with Chinese, Japanese, and European influences. This is best seen in the local architecture, particularly the Fujian Assembly Hall and the Japanese Covered Bridge. The Fujian Assembly Hall is a stunning structure covered in deep rose-colored brick and rounded jade-green roof tiles. The roof also curves up dramatically at the edges and is adorned with miniature, serpent-like dragons. Hoi An’s iconic Japanese Covered Bridge, which arches gracefully across the water, also functions as a temple. Interestingly, the bridge was flattened to make a route for cars. In the 1980s, its trademark curve was finally restored.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has a long-standing history of French colonial architecture. Saigon’s City Hall, modeled after the City Hall in Paris, includes an elegant bell tower poised in the building’s center. Crisp white ionic columns and graceful archways divide the pale cream façade into even sections. Likewise, the Post Office boasts dramatic arches, domed ceilings, and elements of French colonial design with Gothic and Renaissance influences. The exterior’s vibrant yellow color, accented with deep emerald trim, is truly striking. Yet, a visit to Ho Chi Minh City isn’t complete without stopping at the Notre Dame Cathedral. This architectural marvel’s rust-colored bricks support the ornate Neo-Romanesque design. Ho Chi Minh City’s Opera House is another must-see. Built by French architect Eugene Ferret, this building’s flamboyant entrance -- an arch within an arch -- looks much like the Petit Palais’ in Paris.

Enrich and expand your understanding of the world as you tour Vietnam’s wide architectural landscape. From traditional temples to charming colonial sites, a Vietnam architecture tour never ceases to bring this beautiful country to life.
Travel Reviews
   5 Stars

Ms. Giovanna Corti

"Fantastic experience, very well organized in every detail. Vietman is not rich of historical sites, but a country that entertain the visitor with all aspects of their culture. More than a tour it has been a holiday. I enjoyed a lot entertainment as painting mask and cooking lessons."

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