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Best Time to Visit Laos - Some Cool Things to See in Laos

Article | May 24th, 2019 | Lukas Jay


Laos, the small landlocked nation between Vietnam and Thailand, is still a country that is largely shrouded in mystery. But why visit Laos? When visiting, you will get the sense of being out in an untouched, natural area – far away from hordes of tourists and ready to be explored. Caves that have sat empty for centuries, combined with jungle treks just to get there, will awake your inner explorer. The Mekong River alone is worth a visit to Laos, as it is among the most scenic waterways that you will ever see in the world. As a strongly Buddhist nation, visitors will have the opportunity to see some gleaming temples and wats at Luang Prabang. At the right hour of sunrise, you may see the Tak Bat, or the longstanding tradition of Morning Alms. Traveling through the countryside will bring you in touch with many of the hill tribespeople who have isolated themselves from broader civilization for generations. Beyond the gorgeous scenery found in these regions, the people are hospitable and friendly. There is so much to do and see no matter where you travel. From hiking jungle to cruising the Mekong, seeing glittering wats or unbounded nature, and many things in-between- a vacation to Laos is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.


So when is the best time to visit Laos? Although there are things to see there in every season, the months between October and April are the times most recommended to travelers. This is the season when the country is relatively dry and the temperatures are warm. Keep in mind that there is no winter season in Laos, so you are never really going to be shivering in the cold. If you enjoy cool nights and spring-like days, December and January are the most ideal. From November to January is the best time to see the Mekong River, which is highly recommended. With the rainy season finished, the water levels are at their highest and making your way across the region is easiest. The Bolaven Plateau is also more accessible at this ideal time, and is an absolutely stunning part of Laos. The geography of Laos is diverse, and you will experience some different temperatures and climate zones as you travel. This means you can actually enjoy travel to the country at any time of the year. If you want to see Laos at its greenest, travel there between late May and October. It’s the rainy season, but the showers are sudden, and quickly finished, and you might find these periods of refreshing downpour a welcome break from the heat.


Tours of southern Laos are a great way to enjoy your holiday. Plan for a tour there to explore the Bolaven Plateau: a fertile region spreading across four of the southern provinces and famous for its idyllic scenery and high-quality coffee. There you should plan to see the breathtaking waterfalls found in the area, such as Tad Fane Waterfalls, near the town of Pakse. These breathtaking falls, beautifully framed in jungle foliage, plummet down over 100 km into a dark crevasse. In this region you may meet with the ethnic minorities that have called this region home for centuries. Their local coffee and tea plantations are not to be missed! The Champassak region has Wat Phu (also called Vat Phou) temple. A pre-Angkorian Khmer temple, this was the regional center of Khmer power in the area. In 2005, it was added to the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, so you’ll definitely want some time to explore it. Then follow along the Mekong River to Si Phan Don, commonly referred to Four Thousand Islands. This is where the river fans out and heads in all directions leading down to the south. This is an area that breathes relaxation, and offers a chance to experience the way of life in small, rural island villages.


As you can imagine, much of Laos is situated in a peaceful and natural environment, outside of the few big cities dotting its landscape. As such, there are many opportunities to engage in a Laos Wildlife Tour. Without doubt one of the best places to soak in the wild atmosphere of Laos is in the jungles around UNESCO-protected Luang Prabang. Start at the clear aquamarine pools around the waterfall of Kuang-Xi, and discover the surrounding jungle trails. Or explore Vieng Vang, between Luang Prabang and Vientiane. This town has recently re-invented itself from party central to eco-adventure paradise, offering to travelers the chance to discover the hidden caves, or kayak the sleepy Nam Song River. You’ll find living in these areas a diverse range of ethnic hill-tribes that live in small villages, apart from modern civilization for generations, who welcome respectful visitors with open arms. This lush sliver of earth has been kept untouched for hundreds of years, so take this chance to tour the Laos Wildlife in all its splendor!

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