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Enjoy Travel and Leisure in Thailand

Article | May 31st, 2019 | Lukas Jay


The world is definitely becoming a smaller place and even the most remote islands are now become accessible through affordable travel options. Thailand is one of the most welcoming and accessible countries in Asia. Today, travelers to Thailand have opportunities to experience the culture of rural hill tribes, enjoy northern Thailand’s specialty - Isan cuisine, and discover beautiful, far-flung islands surrounded by pristine turquoise waters unsurpassed by other beach destinations.

Thailand, Vietnam, and China have become some of the most popular travel destinations in recent years. Thailand in particular has much to offer for any individual traveler, family, or group of travelers during their vacation trip. To enjoy travel and leisure in Thailand is an easy process, especially when you follow some of these great trip suggestions.


If you have always wanted to plan a trip to amazing Thailand, there is no better time than the present! This popular travel destination has so much to do and see that you will not be able to visit everything in on your first trip, and you find yourself touring Thailand while already planning your next vacation there.

Whether you are looking for a fast-paced adventure or luxurious beach escape, there are plenty of opportunities for every traveler. Not sure where to start booking your exotic travel plans? Rest assured, there is an amazing Thailand tour packages that will be perfect for your unique travel needs. Plan ahead with following pro-tips.


If you are working with a travel agency, they are likely to recommend that you have some local currency available to provide gratuities, secure transportation, and other immediate needs from the point you arrive in Thailand. The official currency of Thailand is known as the Baht. Exchange your currency early at the arrival airports or even before leaving your home and it will save time and make for more efficient travel.

Another important consideration for travelling to Thailand is personal hygiene and protection from the sun. Be sure to pack a variety of first-aid quality medical supplies and over the counter medications to ease jetlag, prevent nausea, and relive sore muscles and other minor aches and pains that may arise during your vacation. In addition, be prepared for the sunshine with a sunscreen that can handle water (pool, beach, or unexpected perspiration. Along with travel insurance, these items are staples for virtually any trip abroad.

Remember to pack according to your expected itinerary. There are so many things to see and do in Thailand, that you will likely be on the go quite often. Bring comfortable walking shoes to prevent fatigue as you explore the countryside, hike through rough terrain, or take advantage of one of the many small group tours Thailand.


Travel and customs restrictions are subject to change without notification, so be sure to check any new regulations before you travel. For US passport holders, a visa is not required with a passport having at least 6 months validity remaining. Airports are very busy throughout the world. Thailand in particular has a congested roadway system that somehow appears to be organized chaos to the locals. Travel guides and local tour guides will help you to navigate the area with the ease and finesse of an experienced traveler.


When most people consider the options of travel and leisure Thailand, the first place that usually comes to mind is Bangkok. Of course, this vibrant city is still one of the main attractions in Thailand, but there are plenty of other activities and excursions throughout the country.

With so much to see and do, it may seem impossible to take it all in during your holiday. Planning ahead and choosing your preferred sightseeing trips before travelling is a great way to absorb as much as possible during your stay in Thailand. However, do leave some room to allow for spontaneous events, festivals, and excursions that you may not hear about in advance.

First time visitors are often surprised by the fast-paced and modern lifestyle of the Thai people. Especially in Bangkok, a unique and wonderful blend between authentic traditions and modern-day customs can be found. On a single trip, you may experience crazy traffic with the blaring of drivers angrily operating their car horns as they rush about their daily commute. The sights and sounds of Thailand are ever-changing and always impressive.


Whether you have preplanned every minute of your trip or are choosing to wander around and see what strikes your interest, you will not be bored while visiting Thailand. There are simply too many things to see around the country. People who prefer city dwelling and those who want to explore remote countryside villages will both be presented with a number of tourist options to enjoy while in Thailand.

There are many options for seeing the many wonderful sights along the landscape of this beautiful country. For those who love the outdoors, Thailand nature tours are available virtually every day of the week. Hiking tours through UNESCO-recognized Kao Yhai National Park are available with a dedicated guide. Or, for the more adventurous type, a nature walk to spot beautiful birds, gibbons, and hornbills (if you are lucky enough elephants too!), is also a great option. Whichever way you prefer to take in the scenery of Thailand, make sure that you have a camera on hand to savor the moment.

In addition to the natural beauty, Thailand is also full of wonderful wildlife opportunities as well. The nearby Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is always a popular site for visitors. This unique elephant reserve is home to several herds of this remarkable animal. The sanctuary is also located in Chiang Mai as well. These are among the most popular tours for visitors and these attractions are highly rated by previous guests.

Phuket Thailand elephant tours feature a fully interactive tour which goes into great detail about these intelligent animals by knowledgeable mahouts. The cruelty-free sanctuaries boast ethical treatment to animals as well as protected natural terrain. This self-sufficient habitat is critically acclaimed by zoos, parks, and other sanctuaries worldwide. This is definitely a must-see attraction on your trip to Thailand. *Please note that All Asia Tours does not offer elephant rides, or any activities with animals harshly trained to attract tourists.


Saying goodbye to Thailand will not be easy. The memories created here are like seeds planted in the back of your mind, continually drawing you back to the region where you experienced so much stimulation to all of your senses. Regardless of how long the vacation, this enchanted land will stay with you forever. And you’ll begin to see why leaving Thailand is synonymous with planning your next visit to Thailand! Link to Thailand Trip Finder – Group Tours and Private Journeys

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