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Family Tours in Vietnam

Article | April 26th, 2019 | Lukas Jay


Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, has emerged as a trendy hot spot for exotic vacations. And the reasons why are easy to see: friendly locals with warm smiles, vibrant cities with a colorful glow, a cuisine that prizes balanced flavors, natural surroundings that breathe tranquility and romance – These attract tour groups of adventurous travelers to discover this Southeast Asian gem.

And for those considering where to plan their next family holiday, the Land of the Blue Dragon offers experiences that can’t be found anywhere else! In the winter and spring, the school holiday seasons, the weather in Vietnam is pleasant and mild: it’s the best time to visit. A Vietnam culinary tour; a savory expedition that tempts the palate with everything from pho noodles to congee rice. View the magnificent highlands of Sapa on a family cycling jaunt, or peddle the Mekong Delta flatlands among quaint riverside villages. Relax by the crystal white beaches of Danang, or browse the open-air markets of Hanoi Old Quarter with the whole family. We’ll dive into each of these options in-depth and see why any of these options make for a great family holiday in Vietnam.


One of the best parts of visiting a foreign country for the first time is interacting with the locals and learning about their culture, and one of the easiest and most authentic ways to get in touch with the heartbeat of Vietnam is sampling the local cuisine. A food tour through Vietnam offers families a chance to sample some of the most unique and appetizing foods ever to grace the Southeast Asian palate. You can expect a diverse array of ingredients, including everything from farm-fresh greens to exotic fruits, fresh-cut raw beef to little black water beetles heaped high in baskets, crawling over one another trying to escape. Especially if you or your young travelers have a delicate stomach, it’d be worthwhile to find a reputable food tour, to make sure you walk away with the gastric experience that fits you best.

By far the most popular food tour for families is the Hanoi Street Walking Tour. Parents and children can explore the classic street vendors in the Old Quarter of Hanoi’s “36 Streets” with aid and instruction of a knowledgeable guide. Because of the slower pace of this type of tour, visitors can take time to see life in Hanoi through the locals’ eyes. It affords tourists opportunities to see the preparation process, making for a much more enjoyable experience. But prepare yourself to indulge in a near overload of the senses! The medley of bright, eye-catching colors, buzzing clamor, and sharp aromas that greet travelers through the 36 Streets is unforgettable.


Vietnam is a cycling culture, so the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are tailor-made for cyclists. It can be a good way to save money on taxi fare, and renting a few bicycles for the day might be cheaper than haggling with cyclo drivers. Cycling from Thang Long Citadel to Hoan Kiem Lake and around the Old Quarter provides excellent views of historical and contemporary Hanoi.

But because there are so many cyclists on the road, it might be rather challenging for younger cyclists to navigate the narrow streets packed with cars, cyclos, and motorbikes, always moving with that boisterous energy native to Vietnamese city life. But thankfully, there are easier options.

As an alternative, plan a cycling tour to the tranquil highlands of Sapa, breezily peddling past rice terraces of bright emerald, with no more noise than the wind whistling past your ears. April and May are the best time for it, with rice new-planted and ripening bright green. On the right day, you may even come across a local country market! The Mekong Delta makes for a peaceful ride, and the little roads around Ben Tre, with forests of coconut palms, rice fields stretching to the horizon, and small villages of local tribespeople inhabiting the Mekong River’s mouth. But in these backwater areas, far off the beaten track it can be useful to have a private guide to help you navigate those smaller trails that offer the best scenery.

Vietnam boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal regions in the world, in areas like Danang, Nha Trang, and Ha Long Bay. And after a day of relaxing by the beach, or taking a dip in the sea, a cycling excursion along Vietnam’s picturesque coastline provides breathtaking views and leaves a lasting impression of wonder.


Some other possibilities to peak your interest in this fascinating land:

Historical tours – Open the eyes of your children to the enduring history and culture of the Land of the Blue Dragon – Explore famous historical sites going back to pre-war Vietnam, French colonial times, the Nguyen Dynasty Era, and beyond. Cultural tours – The whole family may enjoy a tour of Vietnam’s unique cultural experiences. Take a ride downriver to a floating market at Cai Rang in Can Tho, see a water puppet show in Hanoi, or see the colored lanterns hung in a rainbow at Hoi An.

Take a Cruise – From the breathtaking limestone karsts in Ha Long Bay aboard a traditional junk to drifting along the meanders of the Mekong Delta in a sampan, a cruise excursion in Vietnam offers both parents and children fantastic opportunities for relaxation, discovery, and adventure.

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